How to turn your laptop in a hotspot by Bas Wijdenes

Why would you?

In the student house where I lived for a while, the WiFi was so bad that my cell phone could not connect.
Remember that this was 8 years ago. the network adapters of telephones were not as good as those of a laptop.

Every room had an Ethernet connection, so I came up with the idea of creating a hotspot via my laptop.

Let’s turn your device in to a WiFi hotspot!

The blog post is for the techies among us.

Right click the Start and click Run.

Type in CMD and press Enter.

Command prompt will open up, copy / paste the following command in Notepad.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=BasWijdenes key=wifipassword

Change the following to customize:
SSID is the hotspot name, for me that’s BasWijdenes.
Key is the hotspot password. Change this too whatever you want.

After you have made your own SSID and Key and completed the command, you can paste it in command prompt and press enter.

How to turn your laptop in a hotspot
How to turn your laptop in a hotspot.

Now copy / paste and run the following command to activate the hotspot:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork
How to turn your laptop in a hotspot.
How to turn your laptop in a hotspot.

Before you can start using the hotspot you’ll have to allow it to use your internet connection.

Go to the Network Adapters in Network and Sharing Center.
Go to Properties.
Go to Sharing.
Check both check boxes and select your active internet connection.

Legacy content..

The blog originally dates from March 11, 2015.
I doubt if anyone is really looking for this, but because I think it’s a shame to delete the blog post, I have renewed it anyway.
Maybe someday there will be a day when the content will become current again and then I will have it for you.

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