Why are you using forum posts from the Microsoft Community?

A system administrator with a not so creative mind I guess…

As a left-handed I am automatically more creative right?
Fortunately, the story is slightly different than just a Copy and Paste.

I started my blog when I was still on the helpdesk. I only dealt with the incidents that came in, so these were frontline problems that needed to be troubleshooted.
Because of this I had a new blog post every week.

In the meantime, I have been promoted and now work as a PowerShell Automation Engineer.
Because of this I no longer have any easy problems that I can make a blog post of.

In the end, I decided to occasionally scour the Microsoft Community for problems and write them out as well as possible.
I only choose Answers posts that are not properly written yet. I add the screenshots to this.

There is an Answers tag for posts from Answers.microsoft.com.

I have a separate tag especially for this.
This tag is called Answers.

With the below text group you can also recognize an Answers post.

This is from Microsoft Answers.

This post is from answers.microsoft.com.
I have expanded the existing tutorial with screenshots.

If you have questions regarding this topic, please go to the following page:
Why are you using forum posts from Microsoft Community?

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