Optimized.Aza PowerShell module for Azure REST API

Optimized.Aza module

WARNING: The module is still under construction. Please leave feedback @ Github or in a comment below the post.

The Optimized.Aza module is a copy of the main cmdlets from the Optimized.Mga module.
Optimized.Aza controls the token and throttling within the Azure Service Management API.

You can log in with Connect-Aza and then you can use the standard methods with the URL and an inputObject (differs per method). The default methods are: Get, Patch, Post (With -Put switch) and Delete.
The cmdlets start with the Method and end with -Aza. So as an example: Patch-Aza or Post-Aza.

Optimized.Aza Cmdlets

Full Cmdlet list:

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