FIX: Laptop randomly goes to sleep by Bas Wijdenes

Laptop going to sleep while typing, introduction.

I had a problem for months with my laptop going to sleep randomly.

At first, I thought of a breadcrumb blocking a keyboard key or something like that. I tried to find a pattern that caused this. There were no strange error messages in the Event Viewer either.

I searched for a long time, but unfortunately my laptop kept turning off randomly.

It was driving me crazy, but now I’ve found out why this was happening it actually made me laugh.

A few things I thought of what it could be..

  • Outlook crashes?? And my laptop goes to sleep .
  • I press a hotkey while typing.
  • Windows 10 sucks?
  • Dell laptops suck!?

My laptop usually went to sleep while typing. I noticed that the laptop fell asleep every time I went over my laptop keyboard with my hand. At work I normally used a separate keyboard. When I only worked with my mouse and keyboard, nothing was wrong. It was one of those Mondays again where everyone is at work and grumpy. I couldn’t find a keyboard so I my laptop went to sleep every 15 minutes.

Why is my laptop going to sleep at random times? …finding answers.

I started to Google thoroughly for anything, and then I found this interesting article on

especially this post from GHCMillard:

“I’m a computer repair technician and suddenly one day I started having the same problem, 9-12-2011 in fact.  I tried everything, reloading the computer, flashing the bios, changing all settings to never sleep, and none of them worked.  I was still having the same problem with my computer going to sleep in the middle of my typing, all random of course, i could type a paragraph or only a letter, and suddenly wham it would go to sleep.  I was very frustrated, so I sat down for an hour and thought about anything that had happened that day to try and figure out what might have happend.  I didn’t want to think the worst (bad motherboard).  It took me a bit but it finally hit me.  I had bought this pretty new braclet that day, one of those magnetic ones that are supposed to help with arthritis and carpol tunnel syndrom. 

As a computer tech i felt very foolish because as any of us in the field will tell you computers + magnet = trouble.  I didn’t think anything of it when I bought it and had already forgotten I was wearing it.  Bingo, took it off about 10 minutes ago and I’ve been typing like a mad woman every since.  No problems what so ever.  Just thought I would throw this out there in case you might just be wearing said kind of braclet.”

The answer!

I received a Josh Bracelet from my lovely girlfriend for my birthday.

This bracelet has a magnet in the closure. Every time I started to type, the magnet caused the laptop going to sleep.

Nowadays in many sports bracelets there is a magnet to charge it. So, check whether the bracelets on your wrist do not contain a magnet!

The bracelet for reference:

laptop goes to sleep while typing
Laptop goes to sleep while typing, because of a magnet in my bracelet.


The first lesson for me is that I should not always look directly at the laptop itself, I but can also see if the problem is between chair and screen, so that’s me… nice. That has been resolved and I hope to reach more people with this post who experience the same.

Do you have different ideas, or any feedback? Please leave a comment.

Because of major adjustments to the blog post, I have re-published it.

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Bas Wijdenes

My name is Bas Wijdenes and I work as a PowerShell Automation Engineer @ Wortell.

24 thoughts on “FIX: Laptop randomly goes to sleep by Bas Wijdenes”

  1. Thanks!!
    So grateful this old post is still around to show me I should not wear magnetic watch band while typing!

  2. Awesome I never thought it could be my Samsung watch but I took it off and everything is working great now…

  3. You all are geniuses. Switched my band last night and my computer immediately started glitching. I thought I was crazy!

  4. This has been driving me crazy for months now. I also have a Dell. It mostly seemed to happen when using Outlook, so I thought that this might be the issue. But I was sitting at home using whatsapp and it started happening. I read your solution, looked at my wrist and noticed my bracelet with a magnetic clasp. I’d say that the problem started around about the same time I bought it.

    Thanks! Spread the word!!! DELL + MAGNETS = FAIL

  5. My spouse’s computer started going to sleep while she was typing today and yout article led me to ask if she was using a new band for her fitbit and that was the issue. Changed the settings to not auto-sleep when the lid is closed Thanks!

  6. THANK YOU so much! I just bought a refurbished laptop, and I was moments away from sending it back to the seller totally disheartened. And what do you know? I was wearing a magnetic bracelet. In retrospect, it should have been obvious :] Much appreciated

  7. You’re my hero.
    Brand new laptop here, suddenly out of nowhere my laptop went to sleep by randomly typing. Was searching for a pattern.
    Bumped into this post, checked my wrists, and yep, a magnet bracelet.
    Thanks man

  8. Thank you so much for this post!!! A provider that I work for was having this same issue and after reading your post, I asked her if she is wearing a magnetic bracelet. Her answer was YES!!!

  9. Thank you so much! My Apple Watch magnetic watch band was causing this and I would never have figured that out. I took it off and I am back to work. Thank you!

  10. I am glad I found this post. One of my customers was having that issue and I was going crazy trying to find a solution. She had a magnetic band.

  11. Cannot thank you enough for posting this!!! It’s hysterical to read through the comments because I experienced all of it today. I completely stumped our IT team and was almost in tears as I was under a tight deadline for work and just COULDN’T get the work done. Thank goodness for this post!! I even shared with IT and they got a good laugh too. 🙂 🙂

  12. Amazing! I just took it off and will monitor my laptop for the rest of the day. I hope this was the issue and it makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing this information.

  13. You help me a lot! I was chatting with Windows and they cannot find the problem in the software. They thought it was a problem with the hardware. I didn’t give up and search in Google to find the answer for the problem. Then I find your articel! Thankyou, I wear a bracelet and I put it off, it was the answer FINALLY. Thankyou so much

  14. Oh my goodness thank you!!! I’ve been dealing with this issue for weeks with my work laptop and even had my IT Tech replace my laptop just to experience the same issue again. I bought a magnetic band for my
    Apple Watch a couple weeks ago which is when the problem started. I just took it off and will monitor my laptop for the rest of the day. I hope this was the issue and it makes perfect sense. I should have known better myself.

  15. Sometimes ago I was also facing the same problem my Laptop randomly goes to sleep. i tried a lot to fix this problem but I failed. this post is really helping me a lot to fix these issues.

  16. Same exact issue over here. Turned out to be a fitbit the user was wearing. Similar situation too- Dell laptop, Windows 10, USB keyboards worked but using the laptop keyboard put it to sleep.

    Thank you for posting this!

  17. Oh wow, I was having this exact same problem with my work Dell laptop and upon reading this realised it was the magnetic strap on my Apple Watch putting it to sleep! Thank you!

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