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Why are there Disqus comments on pages with ‘Allow Comments’ disabled?

You have unchecked ‘Allow Comments’, and yet the Disqus comments will appear on your pages where you don’t want them. How frustrating.

 Let's remove Disqus from your WordPress pages.
Let’s remove Disqus from your WordPress pages.

You will still see the Disqus comments because there are ping-backs to your website. These can be self-ping-backs, but these can also be ping-backs from other websites. Yet there are no comments, though.

Under every page or post you can manually choose if you’d like to have a comment section plus ping-backs. You probably want a comment section on every blog post you have, but trackbacks and ping-backs are also very useful to know where your site is linked from.

If you want to disable this completely you will have to dive into .css.

We’ll let’s remove Disqus from your WordPress pages then.

Disqus uses div attributes that also have Disqus in the naming. This makes it easier to identify them.

The main div that Disqus uses is called #disqus_thread

Open the page you’d like to remove the comment section on

  • Go to the 3 dots in the upper-right corner,
  • Click Code Editor.
Let's remove Disqus from your WordPress pages.
Let’s remove Disqus from your WordPress pages.

You can nog start writing your own ‘code’.
Copy and paste the follow into the text editor, and preferable on top.

#disqus_thread {
      display: none !important;

This image is from an older WordPress version, but it’s the same idea.

 Let's remove Disqus from your WordPress pages.
Image is a bit older.. Let’s remove Disqus from your WordPress pages.

Disqus should now be removed from the specific page. Do this for all your pages you want to remove the Disqus comments from.

Legacy content

This post dates from August 21, 2015. I created it at the beginning of my blog ‘career’. These days I don’t blog about about WordPress or Disqus any longer. I don’t even use Disqus anymore as I prefer the WordPress builtin comments.

The content is no longer relevant, but because there are still views, I have updated the post.

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7 thoughts on “Hide Disqus from pages in WordPress by Bas Wijdenes”

      1. Add it like this:

        display: none !important;

        That should do the trick. Doesn’t matter where you add it as long as it’s in your style.css

    1. Good one.
      In your theme is a file called style.css. If you add it here it will be applied to all pages / wordpress site.

      Why would you want that though? You could aswell disable the plugin then?

      1. Thanks Bas. I am learning more as I go. I did uninstall the plug in, and detached the site from Disqus on their page, but the embedded iframe still shows up. I will add this to the style.css, I just wanted to confirm before I did so. Thank you again! You rock!

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