FIX: Scheduled Task launch Failure error 2147943726

Launch Failure 2147943726 the basics.

Scheduled tasks are widely used in business among IT professionals.

I got the launch failure at a task that normally ran weekly. The scheduled task did not want to start anymore, and it seemed as if the task had gone into some loop. I continued to get the error message “Task start failed Launch Failure with Error code 2147943726”.

There are two solutions in the manual below.

The first solution is the most common with scheduled tasks.
Users create a task with their own credentials and not with a service account. When you create the task, you enter your password once and it is cached. So if the user changes his password, the scheduled task’s password will no longer be correct.

The second solution is more a work around for this problem.
The task can go into a kind of loop which makes it seem like it is running all the time in the background. If you do the adjustment in the manual, the task will stop the wrong run and it will run again.

After the blog post I tell a little bit about Azure Automation, but I will not go into this too deeply. If you are a system administrator, it may be interesting for you to use Azure Automation. In any case, I try to use it as much as possible in my daily work.

Tutorial 1 – Reset the user credentials used to create the task.

One of the common reasons your tasks failed is because the username/password that’s was being used after the task creation probably changed or have an outdated password.

  1. Right click your Task.
  2. Go to Properties.
  3. Select the general tab.
  4. Click Change User or Group..
  5. Enter the username you want the task to use.
  6. Give in your credentials.

Verify everything works by running the task.

Tutorial 2 – Stop the existing instance.

  1. Right click the Task that’s failing.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Go to the Settings tab.
  4. Below in the Settings tab is a drop-down menu open that.
  5. Choose Stop the existing instance.
Task start failed launch Failure error 2147943726
Task start failed launch Failure error 2147943726

Your task should run again now.

Azure Automation over Scheduled tasks.

Scheduled tasks are still widely used. Nowadays as a system administrator I prefer to use Azure Automation , with Azure Automation you’ll be able to scheduled task with more ease than Scheduled tasks.

I won’t be going to deep into it, but with Azure Automation you can add credentials, hybrid workers, etc. and you’ll have all your scripts run from one central point in your environment. You can also easily run scripts against Office 365 or Azure itself. Setting up Azure Automation is done in an hour. I’ve even started writing blog posts about issues I found while playing around with it.

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