FIX: File Explorer not responding

Why is my File Explorer not responding?

File Explorer
File Explorer

It can happen that certain things in Windows no longer work because of corrupted files. Your device depends on File Explorer with many things. Not only when you open the File Explorer, but your Start is also dependent, saving files is also in File Explorer and so on.

However, if the File Explorer does not respond, it does not necessarily have to be the application itself. It is also possible that this is not shown properly by your Display Adapter.

With the tutorial below we are going to reinstall the Display Adapter to see if it is the issue.

Let’s fix your File Explorer.

The tutorial consists of two tutorials that consist of the same content.

  • There is a short guide for the techies to fix your file explorer.
  • And there is a tutorial for dummies with screenshots to fix your file explorer.

The quick guide for your File Explorer problems.

  • Press Windows + X and start Device Manager.
  • Go to Display Adapters.
  • Select the motherboard Display Adapter.
  • Right click it and choose Uninstall Device.
  • Select Delete the driver software for this device and confirm uninstall.
  • Restart your device.

The longer version for the dummies among us.

Go to Start and search for Device Manager or press Windows key + X and open Device Manager.

FIX: File Explorer not responding.
FIX: File Explorer not responding.

Find the Display Adapters tab and expand it.

FIX: File Explorer not responding.

If you have more adapters, make sure to select the ‘motherboard’ display adapter.

For me that’s Intel® HD Graphics 630.

Right click the adapter and select Uninstall Device.

FIX: File Explorer not responding.
FIX: File Explorer not responding.

Check ‘Delete the driver software for this device.’ And confirm by clicking Uninstall.

FIX: File Explorer not responding.
FIX: File Explorer not responding.

Restart your device and see if that resolved your problem.

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