FIX: Deployment and application do not have matching security zones

“Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor” the basics.

During my work I always use Google Chrome because you can easily create profiles for customers. I understand from colleagues that Mozilla Firefox now has a plugin and that you can handle it in one browser. Personally, I am not really satisfied with that because I like to keep separate browsers open so that I can easily see what I have been looking for, for the customer in question, but let’s not distract ourselves too much with what this blog post is about.

The error message is a generic error message. I used the content search center in Security & Compliance within Office 365, which lets you run a report and download it. I tried to download it, but I got the following error message:

“Deployment and application do not have matching security zones”

Deployment and application do not have matching security zones
Deployment and application do not have matching security zones

This error message is very generic. It’s possible that you got the error message working on something else. The solution is the same.

Why does the deployment and application not have matching security zones?

The main reason for me was because I use Google Chrome. I downloaded the report from Google Chrome and tried to access it from there. Because it is stored in your downloads folder and you try to open it from there again, it opens in your default browser. In my case Google Chrome and that caused the error message: “Deployment and application do not have matching security zones”.

The application is not made for Chrome because Chrome does not use the Internet Explorer Security Settings. Firefox gives the same error message.

The best thing is to run the report, or that which you were doing directly in Internet Explorer. The application is downloaded directly from Internet Explorer and so your report or export will be successful, as it was for me.

If this is not the fix for you, I will refer you to Code Ketchup’s blog post about the same problem. There is also more about the error message itself, for a developer or programmer this can be interesting.

Why would this not work from other browsers?

Like I already stated in the solution, Google Chrome, Firefox or any other browser does not use the IE security settings.
The application will try to check if your security zones match with his, and if there are no security settings it will throw in the error.

Many problems you encounter while browsing can be solved by trying a different browser first. Every browser has it’s flaws and this is one of them for Chrome, Firefox and probably more.

Leave a comment if the issue keeps persisting. I will try to help you and see what I can do for you.
As I already recommended do not forget to take a look  at: Code Ketchup’s post.

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  1. When you say “every browser has [its] flaws”, I think what you mean is “Microsoft is not known for their cross-browser support and this is one of those instances”. This is not a browser flaw, this is a Microsoft design problem.

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