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FIX: Chrome touch screen not working

There is a fix for your touch screen not working in a Chrome browser.

I’ve got an Asus Transformer Book as personal tablet, but since I updated to Windows 10 I cannot use the touch screen in Chrome anymore.

Google chrome was not designed for touch screens, because of this chrome doesn’t work as intended in windows 10 (mostly after updating to windows 10). There are experimental features and extensions in chrome that can make it more touch-friendly.

Quick fix: Go to chrome://flags and change the “Enable Touch Events” setting from “Automatic” to “Enable“.

VIDEO: Fix for ‘Chrome touch screen not working’

Longer tutorial:

  1. Browse to Chrome://flagsChrome touch screen not working
  2.  search for Touch events. Or click here to go directly to Touch Events. By default this option is on ‘Automatic’ which was fine in windows 8.1, but not workable in Windows 10. Press CTRL + F and search for enable touch events:Chrome touch screen not working
  3. Click on ‘automatic’ and set it to ‘Enabled’.

    chrome touch screen not working
    Chrome touch screen not working.
  4. relaunch your browser and see if the changes are applied.

Chrome is not made for a touchscreen when used on a upgraded windows 10 device.

If this still didn’t solve your problem, please leave a comment or contact me.

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My name is Bas Wijdenes and I work full-time as a Services Engineer. In my spare time I write about the error messages that I encounter during my work. Furthermore, I am currently occupied with Office 365, Azure infrastructure, and PowerShell for automating daily tasks.

5 thoughts on “FIX: Chrome touch screen not working”

  1. Hi, I am running a Lenovo Yoga 2 with Windows 10. I have employed the chrome://flags/#touch-events fix but every few minutes the touch screen fails to work again and I end up giving up and going to the Microsoft browser ninsted. Is there a more “permanent” fix available?

  2. my touchscreen can’t run well… after upgrade windows 10..!
    how to solve it , i have follow intruction above but till can’t run well

    my leptop is HP pavilion

    1. If you are referring to your windows directly and not chrome, here is what I did.
      1- go to the search (magnifying glass) and enter device manager
      2- Click on human interface devices and a list will drop down
      3- Right click and disable (it will prompt is it OK say yes.
      4- Right click again and enable that should work if it is a Windows issue and not chrome.
      Hope it helps

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