FIX: Open URL links in Adobe Reader PFD by Bas Wijdenes

Is Adobe reader protected mode on?

Safe reading mode is a security mechanism in Adobe Reader for the user. When safe reading is enabled URL connections and attached PDFs with JavaScript functions or other type of injections cannot execute malicious attacks.

However if you know that attachments and links aren’t malicious, and the PDF files are from a trusted source, then you can disable protected reader mode to fully use the PDF.

However if you know the attachments and links aren’t malicious and from a trusted source you can disable this and use the PDF document full-scale.

Let’s disable Adobe Reader protected mode.

  • Go to Start and search for Adobe Reader,
  • Open Adobe Reader,
  • Click CTRL + K or go to Preferences,
  • Go to Trust Manager in Categories,
  • Check ‘Allow opening of non-PDF file attachments with external applications’.

See the screenshot for reference.

How to disable Adobe Reader disable protected mode.
How to disable Adobe Reader disable protected mode.

Are you also using Foxit Reader?

Then please follow this URL:

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