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Adding a sub domain to the compatibility view in Internet Explorer.

If you try adding a sub domain, let’s say ‘’ to the compatibility view in Internet Explorer, you will receive an error and it will add the full domain ‘’ instead.

This is probably not what you want because the rest of the website works perfectly without compatibility view. There is a way to add the sub domain only to the compatibility view.

In this tutorial I’ll explain you how we can add a sub domain to the compatibility view in Internet Explorer.

Let’s add your subdomain to the compatiblity view.

To add a sub domain to the compatibility view you have to add it to the local group policy.

Go to start and search for Edit Group Policy.
Or press CTRL + R and type in GPEDIT.msc.

open Edit group policy.

Add subdomain to compatibility view
Add subdomain to compatibility view.

We now have to navigate to directory. Follow the steps below and you should end up with Use Poliy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites.

You can open a folder with your right arrow button on your keyboard and then enter the first 2-3 letters of the next folder and press enter. Navigate through the list.

  1. Start with User configuration.
  2. open Administrative templates.
  3. open windows components.
  4. Open Internet Explorer.
  5. Open Compatibility View.
  6. Find Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites and open it.
sub domain compatiblity view
sub domain compatiblity view

Set the group policy on Enabled

Now click on Show…

sub-domain compatibility view
Add subdomain to compatibility view.

Add the sub domain you’d like to add to the list. As an example I’ve added

add website to Compatibility View
Add subdomain to compatibility view.

Click OK and Apply.

You must complete the Group Policy Editor completely before the group policy is applied. You do not see the sub domain in Internet Explorer because it is added to a group policy.

This only works for Windows pro or higher.

Recapping “Add subdomain to compatibility view”.

If you have other ideas, or if you have improvements you can indicate this in the comments below.

What is a sub domain?

Sub domains are extensions of your domain name that you can forward to URLs or point to IP addresses and directories within your hosting account.

What is compatibility view?

Most websites are made for older browsers. This does not always show the website as you expect. Here you have an option for within Internet Explorer, compatibility view. In this way the website is shown in an older version of Internet Explorer.

For more, go to the Microsoft website.

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