About me

A system administrator with a creative mind.

As you probably already have read, my name is Bas Wijdenes. I was born on 25-09-1990 in the Netherlands, and to be exact in Heerhugowaard, where I still live.

My work experience in the IT branch.

bas wijdenes
Me, Bas wijdenes!

I work full-time as a services engineer at Wortell at the Managed Services department. I am currently occupied with Azure, Office 365, and PowerShell for automating daily tasks.

My first job within ICT automation was at AENM.nl. We took over all IT related issues from SMEs and freelancers. I was occupied with everything ‘small-scale’. From a router that did not work to an Exchange environment, and back to the hosting and development of a website.

For further work experience you can better view my Linkedin.

My vision on IT in the future.

You see more and more products with a ‘5 minutes install’ to get started. To maintain an Exchange Online environment for a medium-sized company is not rocket science. The same applies to many other products.

I think that we are increasingly moving towards a position where you will do consultancy and sales work next to your system engineering work. Nowadays you can enable something with a check mark.

If you really want to continue working as a full-time system engineer, I think it is wise to delve into DevOps and automating. I have been studying this for the last few years and I notice that there is increasing demand for this, also among recruiters.

But why blogging?

At AENM.nl I came in contact with WordPress and bought my own cPanel at GoDaddy. Here I still host all kinds of websites, including this blog.

In the beginning I mainly started with this blog to improve my ‘technical’ English. Nowadays I like to write new blog posts and it has no further purpose, besides reaching as many people as possible. I have taught myself a lot in the SEO field. Although this will be the same with my own work, sometimes you think you know a lot about a product and then suddenly you learn something new and then you think, how much more do I not know?

For a while I have been working on a new idea to learn ‘basic PowerShell’ in an interactive way. For more you can best go to the website itself.

Besides that I am very busy with all new ideas in the field of IT, I also have a life outside the internet.

Life outside the internet.

My love…

Although my life has been turned upside down in 2016.

By chance a doctor listened to my heartbeat and he said he heard a loud noise. After this the ball started rolling and I was operated on my heart because of a deviation at my birth. If nothing had been done, I would have had one more year to live. Now I have a Mechanical heart valve and a Bentall.

Life has changed through this incident, but it has certainly not gotten any less.

Lifting heavy weights in the gym was not allowed anymore, so I started mountain biking with my girlfriend in October 2017, and we are still doing this.

bas wijdenes
Bas Wijdenes eating unlimited spareribs.

Besides that, I still play games from time to time. And I love a lot of good food with a delicious cold beer.

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