A summary about Microsoft.Graph.API module for PowerShell

My first module!

I have uploaded my first module to the Microsoft PowerShell Gallery! I will keep the page updated with new features.

For direct links or feedback please use the 3 links below:

The summary:

Follow this link to the page:
Microsoft.Graph.API module for PowerShell by Bas Wijdenes

This is a summary about a page

This is a summary of a page on my blog. I created a page because the content is ‘permanent’. Because of this I will update the page instead of the post.

Because it is a page, it does not appear in the posts page. That’s why I give a short summary about the page in a post.

Do you still get it? I have a page that does not appear on the posts page so I created a post with a summary and link about the page. Literally unplayable!

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My name is Bas Wijdenes and I work as a PowerShell Automation Engineer @ Wortell.

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